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About MindThrive Digital

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Giving Your Value The Home It Deserves

The work you devote your life to holds enormous power and cannot be taken for granted. Your website needs to connect with others in the most empathetic way. That’s where we come in. MindThrive Digital creates a platform worthy of your practice, voice, and mission. 

With our website design and SEO solutions, you can focus on the service you love while watching your practice thrive online.

When Your Business Grows,
So Do Lives

Your business carries the capacity to transform lives by promoting psychological well-being. 

When you have a thriving online presence, it helps you grow & reach more clients, more struggling souls discover your safe space.

Meet The Founder

Kristen is founder & CEO of MindThrive Digital, as well as a lifelong mental health advocate. 

Through her formal and informal education, she saw where the mental health industry thrived, and where some change was needed. Mental health & wellness practices are essential for life-changing AND saving moments – why aren’t they visible online?

MindThrive Digital was created as a way to change that narrative, the break down stigma-filled walls, and to get more people the help they need. 

When you shine, so can the lives of others. We’re here to get you in front of those who need you the most – so the world can become mentally healthier one website visit at a time. 

Giving Your Impact The Digital Home It Deserves

Helping others through the most challenging parts of their lives is your greatest mission. And when your practice gets noticed online, you’ll connect with those who need you the most. 

MindThrive Digital was born out of a commitment to your services and those you serve. The last thing you want is a website that creates heightened anxiety.  Our website and SEO solutions are unique to you, comforting, and can get found. So now, your life-changing treatment can shine online. 

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Supporting The Movement Against Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is something that cannot be taken for granted. Although there have been huge strides towards the acceptance of mental health services, it’s still commonly seen as taboo. By helping your practice or coaching business communicate your value online, your support and expertise can be better understood.