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Meet AYB Coaching

Adrienne Peseller is a career, change, and leadership coach. AYB Coaching offers coaching packages to those who may feel lost in their career, stuck, or directionless. 

The Problem

Her coaching business began to pick up steam as COVID reached its peak. After she reached her own breaking point within her executive role, she knew it was time to make her business her priority. However, the one thing she was lacking was a unique and compelling website. 

Her business was running off of LinkedIn and Chief, which was not extending her reach enough. She was looking for a website to help her attract her ideal clients of young professionals looking for some sort of change.  

The Strategy

We wanted the overall website to highlight Adrienne’s background and experiences since they were very similar to something her target audience would be struggling with. 

We also knew that in order for her visitors to navigate to the offer they would need the greatest, having a unique page for each service and their packages (leadership, energy packages, and career) would be the best approach. 


The Design

The overall design style was created to target young professionals. We kept the feel corporate but minimalistic to attract those who wish to be satisfied in their next career move! 

A big focus was letting the story told in each page’s copy shine while making the page flow nicely and easy to navigate. This style worked best for Adrienne, as it shared her story in a way it hadn’t before.

The main call to action was kept simple as a direct link to Adrienne’s discovery call calendar which was noted to be working well for her. We also implemented various secondary call to action’s on each page to help user navigate to their desired information. 

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