Therapist SEO: 6 Solid SEO Benefits You Need To Know

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So, you’ve finally done it You’ve taken one giant thing off of your “opening my practice” to-do list.  You’ve launched your website!  And hopefully, if you’ve been following me, it resembles more of a digital home than a hoarder’s den… RIGHT? A congratulation is in order! Your private or group practice dreams are closer than […]

How To Open A Private Practice in 2021

How To Open Your Private Practice, open a private practice 2021, private practice marketing

Remember how taboo attending therapy and seeking mental health treatment used to be? It wasn’t long ago that we would fear being called “crazy” or losing friends for admitting a mental health struggle. Although this may still be the case for some, times are beginning to change, especially over the past 18 months. Therapy has […]