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SEO Services Help You Reach Those Who Need You Most

Imagine adding a steady stream of new clients, without any extra hassle. 

That’s why you created a digital home, right? So why doesn’t it seem like you’re reaching more of the clients who need you? Because it’s not enough just to have a website. Your clients need to be able to find it. 

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for therapists & coaches are designed to help your practice thrive. 

Increasing organic traffic puts you in charge of new client leads, saves precious hours on networking efforts, and cuts down the stress of hoping you get enough word-of-mouth referrals this month.

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“Good SEO Is Paying Attention to All the Details That Most Bloggers Ignore.”

– Ryan Biddulph

What Is SEO For Therapists & Coaches?

Google is powerful. Every day, billions of people have little “micro-moments” when they stop what they’re doing to search for something they need. 

Your clients are out there, wondering how to deal with the stress of a major life decision, quiet the deafening voices of their anxiety, or hoping to find a trusted resource to simply listen. They’re searching for your expertise. But they have to be able to find you quickly and easily. 

MindThrive Digital specializes in making that happen with strong SEO campaigns that attract your ideal clients and get your practice in front of those who need you most.


Our team of SEO experts help mental health businesses

Attract Website Traffic

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Turn Traffic Into Ideal Clients

Position Yourself As An Industry Leader

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Grow Your Practice, Share Your Genius

Your knowledge has the ability to change lives and empower others. 

All of our SEO for therapists and coaches turn that information into high-quality content that perfectly reflects your practice, helps you rank on Google, and connects more people to the value of your knowledge.

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Services We Deliver

SEO Services At A Glance

SEO Analysis & Keyword Research

Thorough SEO analysis & keyword research will guide your overall SEO strategy and where our focus will lie. By targeting a highly unique & strategic list, it’ll be easier to see the biggest improvements. 

Ongoing Professional Content Writing

Blog articles boost SEO efforts and allow your audience to access a wealth of your expertise. To get you ranking higher, we create monthly articles with strategic keywords that get your practice noticed.

Strategic Link Building

Getting other blogs or influencers to link to your website is part of “off-page SEO.” We help generate the right links from other industry leaders to boost your private practice or coaching website rankings.

Local Visibility Optimization

The digital age is ever-evolving and though you may operate in a virtual format, local SEO will still help your private practice get found nearby. We optimize your Google My Business and other local listings to increase local rankings.

SEO Plans For Your Thriving Practice

An SEO package will be recommended and customized based on your monthly budget, current website status, and SEO goals. Listed below are sample packages.


About 5 hours of SEO optimizations per month
  • 5 Pages Optimized
  • 5 Keywords Optimization
  • 5 Google Metadescriptions
  • 4 Copywriting Pages
  • Optimized Google Listing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 0 Website Blog Posts
  • 2 Estimated Placements
  • Rankings & Google Analytics
  • Work Report
  • Executive Report


About 12 hours of SEO optimziations per month
  • 10 Keywords Optimizations
  • 10 Pages SEO Optimized
  • 10 Google Metadescriptions
  • 8 Copywriting Website Pages
  • 3 Optimized Local Listings
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 1 Website Blog Posts/Month
  • 3 Estimated Placements
  • Rankings & Google Analytics
  • Work Report
  • Executive Report
Best Value


About 20 hours of SEO optimziations per month
  • 20 Pages Optimized
  • 20 Keyword Optimizations
  • 20 Google Metadescriptions
  • 12 Copywriting Pages
  • 5 Optimized Local Listings
  • Blogger Outreach
  • 2 Website Blog Posts/Month
  • 4 Estimated Placements
  • Rankings & Google Analytics
  • Work Report
  • Executive Report

Need A Custom SEO Package?

All packages can be tailored to fit your unique needs! We will work with you and find what suits your practice best!

How Our SEO Process Works


Clarity Call & Quote

A complimentary clarity call helps us understand your business and allows us insights into your goals. If we’re a good fit to work together, we create a proposal tailored to your practice and goals.


Analysis & Plan

Analysis of your current rankings, the competitive market, and your business goals helps us create a strategic plan with keywords to get your practice the best results.


Creation & Action

Your custom SEO strategy goes into action! You get a copy of all reports and rankings to see the power of SEO first-hand. And we’re always just a quick email away for your questions or concerns.

Your Mission is Our Drive

Knowing the value you bring to those who are struggling, we believe it’s essential to get you noticed, grow your client base, and help you heal more minds.

Our SEO plans are designed so your mental health practice thrives without overwhelming your booking system or leading to burnout.

We make it easier for you to book more clients, share your impact, and run your business.

MindThrive Digital supports you so you can support others. 

Let's Get Your Digital Home Found!

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO quite simply is Search Engine Optimization. Most frequently, it is used to help businesses rank in Google Search results. SEO for therapists & coaches can help your services become more visible to those who are searching for them. 

SEO services have two main avenues: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to what’s in the content on your website, such as Headers, text, images, and blog posts. Off-page SEO is about getting other blogs within the industry to link to yours.

Together, this forms a comprehensive plan to tell Google how relevant your private practice or coaching business is to those searching for it!

Any business can really reap the benefits of a strong SEO strategy. Especially for mental health professionals and coaches, your services are so impactful, but may be going unnoticed in the vast digital world. 

For someone to be searching for mental health or coaching services on Google, they are likely in an extremely vulnerable place with a desperate desire to seek change.

A strong SEO strategy will not only help you get more website traffic from those who need you the most, but it can also help build your professional presence in the mental health industry. 

For a full list of the benefits SEO can provide any business, check out this article. 

Although we do have SEO plans for your private practice or coaching business, the cost may vary depending on a lot of factors.

Some factors include whether or not there are some optimizations in place, how much content needs to be added to the existing website, how competitive your search terms are, the types of results you need, and so on. We will find a plan that suits your practice. 

Just like with your clients, change takes time! But the amount of time is largely unknown.

SEO is a long-term strategy that cannot be accomplished overnight. It’s quite impossible to say exactly how long it’ll take your practice to rank high from our SEO optimizations. 

You will see results and some sort of increase in rankings, but the amount of increase and the time it takes depends on things such as the keywords targeted, competition, and commitment you have towards achieving results!

If only SEO were that easy! It would be amazing if we could get you to rank highly once with a super-intense campaign and then forget about it forever. Sadly, Google and the digital world do not work like that. 

The digital landscape is everchanging, and everyday, more and more people are targeting your keywords with newer content. Not only that, but Google’s algorithm is constantly changing so strategies need to be adjusted. 

All that to say, if you stop investing in SEO, you will eventually loose your results. The amount of time it’ll take depends on a variety of factors, but the lack of content and off-page SEO optimizations will affect your ratings over time.

Any SEO guru that promises #1 rankings is full of it! SEO optimizations will help you get more traction to your website and more quality leads. However, the coveted #1 spot is not anything any SEO service provider can guarantee. 


If someone is promising you this, run away as fast as you can!!!

Reports will include your live rankings, Google Analytics, a report showing the work performed, and an executive summary of what it all means each month.

We try to be as transparent as possible in our work and if you require specific metrics for your practice, please let us know!

Anything We Missed?

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