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SEO Audits For Mental Health Professionals

Is Your Website in Google's Good Graces?

So much goes into running a business – especially in the mental health field. When you’re responsible for providing treatments to clients and business management, marketing can come to a standstill.

But putting up a website that isn’t SEO friendly is worse than not putting one up at all. Think about it this way. If you were seeking mental health from a business with broken features, an unprofessional design, or technical issues, would you contact them?

You want your practice to stand out and get positive attention! So how can you do that on your own with little technical experience?

About website audits

Search Engine Audits Show You How To Make Your Website Shine

You want your website to be a tool to help grow your practice, but it’s hard to consider every facet that helps your website get visible by your ideal clients. That’s where a website audit can help. 

Our website audits for psychologists, therapists, and coaches evaluate key factors of your website to increase it’s performance, appearance, and visibility. 

In just a few short steps, you will be on your way to knowing what needs to be done so your website achieves your goals. 

Website Audits As A Plan

Hours Saved With A Custom Plan

You don’t want to be wasting countless hours, headaches, and money on guessing what needs to be fixed. Your focus should be where it counts: on growing your business and helping your clients. 

With a SEO website audit for mental health professionals, the guesswork is removed. Think of your SEO audit like a report card. You’ll get a structured plan and know exactly what needs to be done to improve your current website so it’s ready to be at the top of Google! 

Our Website Excellence Audit Package

$499 SEO Audit

We want to help you implement the best results for your psychologist, therapist, or coach website. 

Our audits include:

The Process

How Our Website Audits Work


Introductory Call

We talk to you, the practice owner, to talk about your practice! Discussing the goals your website needs to accomplish will help us know what to focus on during our feedback meetings


SEO Audit Delivery

You will receive a PDF report of your website audit for you to keep. This will provide you detailed information of where your website exceeds and where you’re potentially losing clients. 


Feedback & Results

These are designed to help you learn how to implement the results you got & offer suggestions. This could be done all within one meeting or broken down across multiple days. 

Why Choose MindThrive Digital?

Web Audit Services That Deliver Results

Coaching Included

Up to 2 hours of feedback sessions along with suggestions for how to improve your website

Timely Responses Guaranteed

24 Hour follow up to your website audit request & quick results delivered

Discounted Web Design Services

25% off web design services for those who book an audit with us

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